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Embark on Expertly Curated Travel Experiences Fit to Your Passions

Discover a world of tailored travel experiences with Barbara Khan. From the enchanting realms of Europe to the sun-kissed sands of the Caribbean and Central America, Barbara crafts journeys that blend culture, cuisine, and history seamlessly. Venture into the exotic, where ancient civilizations and natural wonders await exploration, with a special focus on woman-centric travel to Muslim countries. Prioritize your well-being with wellness-focused trips and embark on inspired adventures, whether it's a safari, expedition cruise, luxury rail journey, or culinary exploration. And for the literary enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the world of books with specially curated literary journeys. Barbara Khan's expertise brings these diverse travel experiences to life, ensuring unforgettable adventures tailored to your passions.

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Sun & Sand Vacations

Exotic Locales

Wellness Travel

Unique Sojourns

European Independent

A journey to an exotic locale allows you to take in a breathtaking tapestry of colors, sounds, and aromas. Each step resonates with the rhythm of an ancient culture, weaving tales of centuries past into the very fabric of the surroundings. The spirit of a place that captivates the soul and leaves an indelible mark on the traveler's heart.

Bask in the golden glow of a sun-soaked luxury resort in the Caribbean, Central America or Southeast Asia. Paradise awaits, where worries dissolve with the ebb and flow of the tides. Palm trees sway as you enjoy a refreshing tropical beverage, swim in a secluded cove, or watch the sun dip into the sea at the end of another blissful day.

Inspired adventures await including safaris, expedition cruises, luxury scenic rail journeys, or you can follow a tasty trail of culture and gastronomy with a river cruise on the Rhone through France or truffle hunting with dogs in Italy. Maybe you are interested in tracing your ancestry back to the town or village where your great-grandparents emigrated from, we have the connections to help make it happen.

Expertly crafted trips to promote wellbeing through physical and mental activities including yoga, massage, and spa therapies. Imagine traveling to the best spa towns of Europe which are also UNESCO sites as well. You can relax and rejuvenate in the thermal waters of Budapest, Vidago, Sao Pedro Sul, Ourense and Bath just to name a few. Travelers have been “taking the waters” in these destinations for hundreds of years.

Custom, cultural travel featuring boutique hotels and resorts, self-drive, or explore the efficient European rail network taking you from cities to quaint villages. Lose yourself on the cobblestone streets of Paris, walk among the vines in Tuscany or the Douro Valley. Independent journeys highlight local culture, history, and flavors.

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Literary Journeys

Specially curated trips that allow the traveler to immerse themselves in the literary side of a destination. Follow in the footsteps of an author’s research, attend book festivals, visit book settings and bookstores on these unique book lovers journeys.

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At Journeys by the Book, curated European vacations are our thing. We begin by understanding your interests and dreams, then meticulously design a personalized itinerary that blends iconic landmarks with local gems, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the culture and history of each destination. Our passion for storytelling infuses each journey, guiding you through the pages of history and culture. From charming accommodations to authentic local encounters, we ensure that every aspect of your trip reflects the essence of Europe. With a network of local connections, we offer insights that only insiders can provide. Our goal is to create a genuine and personalized immersion into the heart of each place.

Looking for a Customized European Vacation to Fit Your Specifications? It's What We Do Best!

Literary Journeys - Choose From 4 Inspired Experiences or Allow Us to Customize

Discover the enchantment of literature brought to life through our thoughtfully designed packaged getaways. Delve into the settings that inspired your favorite authors as we whisk you away on immersive journeys. Our meticulously crafted itineraries blend the allure of literature with the excitement of travel, allowing you to step into the worlds of cherished tales. Immerse yourself in landscapes that echo iconic stories, relish local flavors that enrich your adventure, and forge connections with fellow travelers who share your love for both reading and exploration. Our expertly bundled packages transform literary dreams into tangible, unforgettable experiences, inviting you to embark on real-life adventures inspired by the magic of books.

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Barbara Khan travel advisor expert journey by the books

Meet the Expert Travel Advisor

Barbara Khan, the visionary entrepreneur behind Journeys by the Book since 2017, seamlessly fuses her lifelong love of books with her extensive expertise in travel. With a rich background as a professional travel advisor since 1989, she has visited more than 16 countries in Europe, 13 islands in the Caribbean, most of the Middle East, and many countries in Asia. She has a passion for historical, cultural and gastronomic travel, but her literary connections run deep. As a reviewer in the top 1% on Goodreads, a successful blogger, and an advocate for authors, Barbara's unrivaled commitment to both worlds makes her the ideal curator to intertwine your love for books with an immersive travel experience.

Barbara Khan travel advisor expert journey by the books
Barbara Khan travel advisor expert journey by the books
Barbara Khan travel advisor expert journey by the books

Hear What Fellow Travelers Have to Say...

european travel agency advisor expert testimonial

Rhonda and Cliff S.

North Central, Ohio

Photo from Cinque Terre, Italy

As we began planning our trip to Italy, I quickly became overwhelmed with how to plan 21 days all on my own. I realized I needed professional help. I have known Barb for years and knew she was an expert in European travel. She helped us plan the route, picked amazing hotels for us and answered all the questions we had. She arranged the trains, buses, and a car rental. The trip went smoothly and we got to see amazing towns we had not even considered. It was truly a trip of a lifetime.

european travel agency advisor expert testimonial

Ann. S

Atlanta, GA

Photo from Provence, France

I am grateful to have had years of amazing travel adventures all around the globe, appreciative of the role you played, throughout the years helping my travel dreams take shape. From India to Africa, to Europe & SE Asia, my dreams became reality because of your know-how and caring. Thank you so much.

european travel agency advisor expert testimonial

Amanda M. and Cody S.

Boston, MA

Photo from Rome Colliseum

We enjoyed working with Barbara to put together our vacation to Portugal and Italy.  She ensured that all our accommodations were booked in advance and provided us with a detailed itinerary.  Barbara arranged unique excursions that really immersed us with the culture and history of Portugal/Italy.  We had a fantastic time and will definitely be utilizing Barbara's services in the future!

european travel agency advisor expert testimonial

Amy S. and Aaron B.

Western Pennsylvania

Photo from Italy

Barbara was wonderful to work with as we planned our trip to England! She guided us in every sense, from the littlest details about best neighborhoods and lodging in certain cities, to recommending that we stop in smaller towns we hadn’t heard of before. She shaped our trip in so many special ways, like touring a soccer stadium, which was truly a once-in-a-lifetime memory for us all! Barbara helped to make our trip so unique and customized to our family. We truly enjoyed partnering with her.

european travel agency advisor expert testimonial

Luis, Maureen, Alejandro C.

Chicago, IL

Photo from Sensoji Temple in Japan

Wow! What a country! Our trip was a cultural experience that we will never forget! Our time travelling in Japan has really changed our perspective on things and has given us such an appreciation for the culture--especially the daily manners and customs, language, and culinary arts. We are so grateful for the patience and time you spent with us 'newbies' on this adventure. 

european travel agency advisor expert testimonial

Dennis and Kathy B.

Cape Cod, MA

Photo Courtesy of Client

As a couple, we have known Barbara for more than 20 years, and have trusted her with our most complex travel planning, from international business trips to fabulous cruising itineraries.  (She introduced us to cruising!)  Barbara is not only all the things you hope for in a travel advisor -- thorough, responsive, creative, proactive -- but delightful in the process!  We would heartily recommend Barbara to anyone seeking to create a true relationship with a travel advisor."

european travel agency advisor expert testimonial

Jim P. and Leah A.

Boston, MA

Photo from Aland, Sweden

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic travel arrangements and recommendations. First of all you made something easy and affordable, that might otherwise have been a mini-nightmare of complexity and uncertainty. The three way aspect of the trip -- a side trip to Stockholm/Aland for pleasure, business trip to Glasgow and a stopover in Edinburgh for pleasure. Edinburgh was beyond belief. Rugged terrain, majestic buildings and monuments, an incredible bus system yet hugely walkable. Your hotel recommendation was inspired -- right in the heart of everything, steps from Waverly station and various bus routes. Walk up the nearest close to be on the Royal Mile. It left us wanting more, so we need to go back!

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