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Journeys by the Book offers specially curated trips that will immerse you in the literary side of a destination. Our boutique tour company arranges small groups and individual journeys that allow readers to connect with authors, visit the settings of books, and enjoy unique opportunities in the literary world outside the pages of a book. Our trips are perfectly suited for book clubs, friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, and book lovers of all kinds!


Journeys by the Book was created in 2017 by Barbara Khan to marry her two passions, books and travel. Barbara's has been a lifelong book lover and a professional travel advisor since 1989. She joined Goodreads in 2011 and got serious about reviewing books. By 2013 Goodreads recognized her as being in the top 1% of reviewers on their site. In 2014 she started a blog and started a Facebook group and page, Baer Books, where she promotes authors, posts reviews, and hosts giveaways. Barbara's Facebook group and page continues to grow, now including many bestselling authors. A champion of authors, Barbara enjoys making connections for authors, book sellers, and readers to promote books, bookstores, and author signings. She has been mentioned in the acknowledgements of several bestselling books and had a character based on her in Camille Pagan’s novel, Woman Last Seen in her Thirties. Barbara was published herself in Women Under Scrutiny, An Anthology of Truths, Essays, Poems, Stories & Art compiled by international bestselling author Randy Susan Myers and she is a contributing writer for Prime Women, an online magazine. Barbara firmly believes that authors are the reader’s rock stars!



Favorites from Baer Books

The Plum Tree

Ellen Marie Wiseman

The Baker's Secret
The Beantown Girls
The Beautiful Strangers
Park Avenue Summer
The Subway Girls
Girls on the Line
The Forever Summer

New Releases and Coming Soon:

The Lions of Fifth Avenue
Summer Longing
Lost Children Archive

Specially curated trips with Journeys by the Book will immerse you in the literary side of a destination. Our boutique tour company arranges small group trips focusing on the literary aspects of a city or region. Our passion for books will allow you to tour libraries both public and private, meet authors and people within the publishing industry over lunch, dinner, or drinks. You can follow in the footsteps of an author’s research, find out more about the inner workings of an author’s life, or visit the settings of books during expert-led literary tours. And of course, no book lover’s journey would be complete without a visit to local bookstores!

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