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Let Us Curate a Trip Specific to Your Interests & Personality!

travel agency european advisor experts
travel agency european advisor experts

Step 1: Introductory Call

We begin with a thoughtful discovery call. During this conversation, we establish a personal connection while learning your preferences, interests, and travel aspirations. This short phone call will uncover the essence of what you're seeking within your customized cultural journey. We find that this call helps us get a better idea of your vision for the trip.

Step 2: Research & Proposal

Next, we'll embark on our thorough research process, which involves reaching out to our favorite suppliers, tour operators hoteliers, and tour guides. By matching these insights with specific suppliers who are experts in their destinations, we can be assured we are offering an enriching cultural experience. This phase is like a jigsaw puzzle, we will move the trip components around until we find the ultimate availability at the boutique hotels we seek, with the guides we want for the museums and historical sites, and you get access to the hidden gems.

travel agency european advisor experts

Step 3: Presentation & Itinerary

We will design a comprehensive, customized itinerary that weaves together the story of the culinary, historical, and cultural threads of the destination. The presentation of this itinerary, paints a vivid picture of the journey's narrative arc, from exploring the streets that inspired history, to savoring local flavors that intertwine with the travel stories you will create on your own.

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Travel Advisors Are Your Lifeline in Critical Situations

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When traveling abroad, having a seasoned expert like Barbara Khan is invaluable. She is your reliable partner in times of emergency or rapid changes, with a robust network of local contacts and a knack for swift problem-solving. Imagine your flight is canceled due to unexpected weather or a sudden change in plans arises; Barbara is just a call or text away, ready to provide solutions that ease the situation. Her deep understanding of diverse cultures and destinations ensures that you receive not only immediate assistance but also guidance that aligns with local customs and regulations. With Barbara by your side, you can travel with confidence, knowing that you have an expert who can address unexpected challenges, transforming potential disruptions into mere hiccups.

Just a Call Away When You Need it the Most

Time And Money Are Valuable Assets

Barbara's expertise is your ultimate resource in the intricate world of European travel. With her extensive experience dating back to 1989, she becomes your compass, guiding you through the labyrinth of logistics. She saves you time by streamlining your itinerary, ensuring that every moment is optimized for exploration. Her insider knowledge saves you money, as she orchestrates accommodations, transportation, and activities that align with your budget. Most importantly, Barbara takes the hassle out of travel planning. Her eye for detail, organized planning, and quick problem-solving transform potential challenges into mere anecdotes, leaving you to savor the beauty of Europe without the stress. With Barbara by your side, your European journey becomes a seamless, memorable adventure.

We Offer You Professional Travel Advice & Expertise

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What Makes Our Customized Travel Packages Unique?

european library book shelf

Immerse yourself in the literary landscapes of the world with our meticulously curated travel packages. Traverse the pages of iconic novels as we transport you to the very settings that inspired beloved authors, blending the magic of storytelling with the joy of travel. Embark on a unique journey where words truly come to life. Our custom literary trips guide you through the streets, landscapes, and hidden gems that once ignited authors' imaginations. Explore the pages of your favorite stories in the very places they were penned, creating unforgettable tales of your own along the way. These one-of-a-kind trips have been a life's passion of our founder, Barbara Khan.

The Perfect Marriage Between Books & Travel

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